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BALKAN foods: An easy Bosnian Cevaps to make at home

Cevapi are the national flame broiled meat speciality and one of the most acclaimed Bosnian brands. In particular, the most recognizable is the cevapi from Sarajevo.

Cevap (articulated tche-vaap) speak to a bit of flame broiled minced meat, something like a meat dumpling, yet in a stretched shape. In this post, I’ll share with you my customary Bosnian cevapi formula.

Numerous cafés in Sarajevo decipher cevapi as “minced meat fingers” as they resemble that. The normal length of cevap is two inches. The parts you can get are five, 10 and 15 cevapi, served in unique bread called somun. It looks like pita bread, yet a lot milder and sprinkled with dark sesame seeds.

Bosnian Cevapi recipe: the meat

The way in to this Bosnian cevapi formula is in the meat. You should have a conventional (not to state brilliant) meat cut from the hamburger. Pick delicate pieces of the hamburger like tenderloin or rib-eye steak. Other than meat, you have to get some decent cut of sheep and blend these two in extent 2:1.

All things considered, before combining the meat, it should be appropriately ground. You can approach your butcher to granulate meat for you, and on the off chance that doing only it, cut the meat into bigger pieces at that point pound twice. The better the meat you get, the better outcomes you have, however it doesn’t mean you need to granulate it multiple occasions. Another significant part is to utilize the greasy piece of the sheep as the fat will give succulence and transform your cevapi into an unadulterated delicacy.

On the off chance that you get a lean piece of the meat you can include some fat in the meat and granulate together. When you have joined your hamburger and sheep, season it with nothing else than salt and pepper and blend completely.

On the off chance that you can’t discover sheep, you can utilize just the hamburger, and all things considered, go with fattier meat cuts.

Spread the meat with a plastic thwart and refrigerate for the time being. The salt and pepper will soften the meat and make it simpler to shape.

The certified Cevap formula is something you can’t discover. Indeed, even those living in the Sarajevo can’t figure the correct formula from their favorize cevabdzinica. A few people like to add breadcrumbs or stale bread to get the surface, and some prefer to add preparing soft drink to get fleecy cevapi, yet the nearest way is simply to utilize the meat that has rested for the time being.

Grilling Cevapi


When you are prepared for barbecuing, shape the meat blend into 2 ½-inch long fingers. Cevapi are long 2-crawls in the wake of barbecuing since they shrivel. Along these lines, going with 3-inches is the perfect measure. To get them entirely formed, oil your hands plain sunflower oil.

You can’t flame broil cevapi over an electric barbecue. Obviously, it is conceivable, however just not the correct method to do it. A charcoal barbecue is the correct one as cevapi absorb every one of those superb smoky flavors and smell originating from the sizzling fat on the charcoal. It will just not taste the equivalent.


2 pounds ground beef
1 pound ground lamb
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
2 onions, chopped


Combine beef and lamb in a large bowl.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper and work it with your fingers.
Cover the meat mixture with a plastic foil and refrigerate overnight.

Set your charcoal grill. Make sure heat is medium.
Shape the cevapi into 2 ½-inch long fingers (they should be thick like a thumb). For easy shaping oil your hands with sunflower oil.
Brush your grill with oil.

Set your cevapi onto grill rack. Grill the cevapi for 10 minutes in total, turning during the grilling time, until they are evenly cooked.

If you don’t have somun, it is perfectly okay. Pita bread will do fine.

Calories: 300kcal