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Different rules apply to Federer and Djokovic: Here is what happens when Roger hits ball boy!

The tennis world is still in shock after the scandalous decision by the US Open tournament to disqualify Novak Djokovic after he accidentally hit a lineswoman with the ball during his match against Pablo Carreno Busta.

The rules in these situations can obviously be applied arbitrarily, and the decision of the US Open was the most drastic possible – a disqualification.

We already had an example in New York about ten days ago, when Slovenian tennis player Alijaz Bedene received only a warning after he hit a cameraman with the ball. Cameramen and ball boys and girls are at the same level as referees when it comes to getting hit by balls, but Bedene was lucky to hit a normal person, one who did not make drama about it and accepted that he was hit accidentally.

Foto: Guliver/Al Bello/Getty Images

Roger Federer had a similar situation a few years ago at the Australian Open, when he hit the ball boy in the head. However, he was not even warned then, let alone anything more than that!

Disqualification was not even considered, while the situation with Novak was completely different.

Although Novak did not hit the ball with full force, but wanted to return it to those collecting balls standing outside the court, he accidentally, without looking, hit the line referee in the head, who then produced an Oscar-worthy performance. She acted as if she was having a heart attack and was unable to breathe, and created drama that forced a medical team to intervene.

After that and a ten-minute discussion, the tournament organizers decided to disqualify Novak.

Take a look at what it looked like when Federer hit a child standing next to the court, rather than a 50+ woman, and how after that he just laughed and continued to play, without receiving any warning.

The rules, obviously, are not the same for everyone!